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The $50 CashTalks Program (ordered by itself)


Use this purchase option if you want to order CASHTALKS ALL BY ITSELF. When ordered WITHOUT Guaranteed Money For Life, CASHTALKS is $50. Ordering this option gets you the CASHTALKS FLYER and INSTRUCTIONS ONLY.

If you cannot afford to join GMFL, join CASHTALKS and EARN YOUR WAY UP GMFL!



• We need your Name, Address, Phone and Email Address!

• Please type this information into the BLUE FIELD (the blue "bar") down at the BOTTOM of this page!

• Type your info in as ONE LONG NOT hit "enter" until completely finished typing!

• SEPARATE items with commas like this:

                                 Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please type your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE and EMAIL into the BLUE FIELD (blue bar) BELOW. We need a phone and/or email in case we need to contact you with questions.

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