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Guaranteed Money For Life!


Guaranteed Money For Life!


Cash sure comes in handy doesn't it?

Cash isn't everything in life, but it sure makes everything easier!


I am sure you aren't looking at your very first money making idea here... you've seen plenty of them. But you are looking at the first program that can really produce a HARD CASH INCOME for you in just a few weeks! Get ready to engage this very simple system that can have you earning your first $1000.00 in just a few weeks. Follow the simple steps...its all written down for you in black and white. Or...if you are too busy, or just like to have things done for you by people who know what they are doing, you can choose the "HANDS FREE INCOME OPTION" We will do it ALL for YOU....except cashing your checks and money'll have to handle that part yourself! Something tells me that cashing checks is one task you will be able to handle on your own!

Do you want to earn REAL MONEY?

100% through the mail?

Without having to TALK to anyone?

Or do any Hard Work?

The Cash You See Here is 


Cash Earned by Mailing a Letter just like this!

Notice - Individual results will vary depending on the amount of work and the expertise that is applied to an individual's marketing program. Even if you elect to have us do your marketing for you, there is still no guarantee of success. You may or may not make a profit. Results can be unpredictable even though we are mailing to previous program buyers. The bottom line is that we are mailing to human beings and as such what they decide to do is up to them. The fact that we have had a great track record up to this point and that, so far, a substantial percentage of our members have been successful has no bearing on what any given group of prospects we mail to may do tomorrow. You do have our 100% commitment to assist you each step of the way and to teach you what we have shown to previous members who have been successful.    

Notice - CashTalks is a gifting program. You are freely giving your "donation" (gift) to the person who has provided you with the flyer that you are responding to. The donation (gift) that you make is FINAL and cannot be returned. There is no promise of financial gain associated with the gift that you give. Your success depends on your own efforts, the efficacy of your mailing list, and your own good fortune. You may or may not make a profit on your efforts. The "Charity House Organization" is NOT a Charity. It is a ficticious name and you should not expect financial gain based on the name "Charity House".